Request of proof of not using cheats - as accused.

      Request of proof of not using cheats - as accused.

      Hi Bads,

      Long story short, people think I am cheating, so I have been banned. Since it's a wonderful server, I would like to re-join (un-ban).
      This is the proof, as requested by BAD members, of me playing and recording with my phone.
      Played two matches on Devastation: same map, same weapon (AGM/42), different players in team/versus, one match in squad, one match alone.
      • Any sudden movement was caused by me hearing something (or imagined hearing something);
      • At the beginning of the video, I briefly show/prove that I am not using any external software, except for a game stats tracker (, since we have not a companion app/site for BFV :( . Also, I've opened task manager to prove it, but I realized later that the quality is too low to read something, and that there are a lot of Windows-related background processes.
      • There is no in-game sound because I am playing with an headset. No sound except a satisfying mechanical keyboard/clicks, my satisfying breathing, cursing, maybe exulting.
      Video #1 (recorded at 1080p, 60fps): ***LINK REMOVED***

      Video #2 (recorded at 4K, 30fps): ***LINK REMOVED***

      Do you need any more proof?


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      Nein war keiner. Er hat uns Videos geschickt wie er spielt von seinem Handy in draufsicht. Da er sicherte Mühe auch gemacht hat fand ich das schon ok. Da wir alle wissen das def Spec Modus auch seine Tücken hat. Die Spielweise auf dem Video entsprach auch die ich von ihm aus dem Spiel kenne. Zur Zeit erstmal keine Beanstandung. Aber bei einem neuen Verdacht muss man dann erstmal sehen.
      nickname ZofrenkoSVK i play battlefield V 20 years, from 2002 . And know i play with my wife in one room NikaSK94 and admin give me ban, maybe i kill him few times? i dont know, but afterban my wife see in chat, admin write because im cheater. This is normal on the badboys servers? good players cant play ? this is my channel games not cheater. Im maybe better player but not Pro player.. I absolutely dont understand about my ban.. Can you help me some different admin ?
      Hello zofrenko,

      you can play from today again, but please read the rules and you will find some points.
      Your wife can also play from today but please told her that we are very allergic to such provocations. next time it will be a permanent exclusion.

      have fun and thanks for your registration by us.
      excuse me for me and my wife, but if i broke the rules i understand. But i was never cheater. We build new house with my wife we have a lot of responsibilities. And after whole hard day if we take our little lil 3 years old daughter to the bed. We have 1,5 hours max 2 hours for gaming. Just 2 hours per day , and if we play 30 minutes and admin give me ban on our favourite hardcore server. it was frustrating. We want play just 3-4 maps per day for Relax. Thank you for Unban and for your Understanding. We appreciate it. Have a nice day