Application to Become a Member

      Application to Become a Member

      Hi, my name is Roger and I am from England. I am a die hard Battlefield player, having played almost every version since it was launched. BF1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and others.

      I play regularly and have been looking to join a clan for a while now, to get more involved in the game and enjoy it with other like minded players.

      I played on your server yesterday and loved it. That's what prompted me to apply for membership.

      I am a team player, normally playing either Medic or Assault. I am respectful and fair and love the camaraderie of playing in a squad.

      I look forward to hearing back from you regarding how to join.

      Best, Roger :)
      Hey Roger. first of all I would like to apologize for my bad english.If you play on our server you should visit our teamspeak. So that we can get to know you. After some time and when we have got to know you, we will vote in the forum whether we will accept you or not. I can't promise that everyone in teamspeak will speak english. But since we are mostly German, german is the most spoken language on the Teamspeak server.Usually there are always some players with whom you can talk in English. We also have players from other countries (usa, denmark, netherlands, sweden) on our teamspeak. I am mostly on the server in the morning or at noon. So I don't know if we will meet. But that doesn't matter. Maybe we'll see each other later. Have fun and see you ...

      cheers, Silent Bob
      Hey Silent Bob,

      Thanks for your reply. Your English is great. Sorry I am unable to chat with you in German. I did learn basic French in school and decent Spanish later in life, but never German. Pity! I have been on your Teamspeak already, but didn't engage with anyone. I will do so from now on, when I play. Hope to chat with you or some other English speakers then.

      Cheers, Roger