Evil is out

    Dear BAD,

    Evil as a clan will leave the BAD community, what individual players do is their choice naturally. Every day the server is getting unbalanced by BDX, and in part by SRGL and hl, and even when the admin asks them to balance – these clans ignore the request with no consequence.Also contributing to the unbalancing and game breaking are lone wolves like Rougegranny, SpartialRage, Exithumi and several others – these parasites are not playing the game mode and are just there for the KD. They break the game – especially Rougegranny who is also a tank camper on maps where tanks are vital for capturing the flags.Evil was a big part of keeping the community alive during the softcore BF5 period – and I simply do not understand that you prefer these game breakers to us?! But it is your server and I don’t want to spend my free time getting on your nerves because of these parasites.

    Farewell, EvilGnu
    Yesterday all of the nine SRGL Guys playing on the other server confirmed they get banned everytime they play the BAD server. I don‘t care cause all hc servers with the good settings are spoiled. Without permanans all the suspicious players and obviosly cheater are back after a short time. It‘s part of the game.
    i am with you gnu! some admins dont have the focus of the members wishes and their troubles. permanent basecamp with tank is accepted and the admins have no interest, because they want only to play. roguegranny is one of these assholecamper. the old good serverrules didn`t allowed this kind of gaming. no we have no rulez expect racism and other bullshit.
    I have to agree with SpasticusMaximus.

    You are talking about preferential treatment here, where you say

    TheEvilGnu wrote:

    and I simply do not understand that you prefer these game breakers to us?!

    Now, I am pretty new to the server, don't know about your history, nor do I care, why should I? But, do we not all deserve the same treatment rather than a group of players whining about someone destroying "their" game and throwing an ultimatum?

    If you are being dominated by a tanker, go tactical, have enough explosives, and take him out. Shouldn't be that hard since you always play together in a group of 3 at least, am I right?
    I see you were also talking about people not caring about game mode and going for KD. Why should those players care about your opinion? From my point of view, holding a chokepoint on a map, going to flank and even just going on a massive killing spree is better than just sitting on a frontline, shooting back and forth, and maybe if lucky, capping a flag, rinse and repeat.
    All I see, in chat, across multiple HC servers are players who whine a lot, have expert knowledge in hacking software and master deduction skill of knowing who uses cheats.
    Try to get better, is that not fun in itself? Try different strategies, weapons, and do it over and over and you should see improvements, be clever, use your head.
    I also rage when I lose, but I, most of the time, am angry on myself not being able to win a duel or kill a squad or finish capping that flag. Not the enemy. There are cases, like you mention with tank campers, especially that Aerodrome map when tanks camp in back and destroy players, where I get mad at them. Especially don't like players who only spend time in tanks, shows that they are nothing without them (that's my strong opinion here).

    If a lone wolf can shift the balance of match himself, imagine what a highly coordinated, premade, squad can do (I mean, you experienced SRGL and they don't even use voice chat if I remember correctly).
    There is always a bigger fish in the lake. Either you kill or you get killed.

    SpasticusMaximus wrote:

    In my humple opinion youre just trying to get rid of players better than you. Camping is not a crime. And even if someone is camping, just kill him. Its easy as that.

    Sorry aber ich schmeiß mich gleich weg vor lachen. Wie lange spieltst du schon auf dem BAD Server um dir irgendeine Meinung erlauben zudürfen?
    Du kennst weder die BAD Member noch kennst du einen der Evils.
    Ich bin ebenfalls relativ neu in der BAD/Evil Community aber wie ich würde es nur fair finden wenn sich zu dem Thema kein Aussenstehender irgendein Urteil leisten sollte.
    Gleiches empfehle ich Personen die derzeit unter Beobachtung stehen, da sie schlicht und ergreifend verdächtig des Cheatens sind.
    Erstmal vorweg Herr Nordwolf, bitte erlaube dir keine Meinung dazu wer unter Beobachtung ist oder nicht. Da du kein Admin bist und auch nicht mehr BAD Member möchte ich das du dich davon distanzierst.

    Des weiteren ist Campen keine Straftat. Jeder hat das Recht zu spielen wie er will wenn er sich an unsere Regeln hält.


    First of all, Mr. Nordwolf, please do not allow yourself any opinion on who is under surveillance or not. Since you are not an admin and no longer a BAD member, I want you to distance yourself from it.

    Furthermore, camping is not a criminal offense. Everyone has the right to play how they want if they stick to our rules.