Pls unban wioox

      Pls unban wioox


      I'm french excuse me for my bad english.

      Today I got banned from your BF5 HC server.
      Why ?
      Your admin should stop banning as soon as someone is better than them. And what makes a very good start of part I admit.

      I'm not a cheat, I haven't insulted anyone, so why?
      I invite you to go see my stats on BF5 or on BF3 to see that I am an old player on the license and that I have never cheater.

      If an unban was possible it would be nice.

      Thank you in advance

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      Hi wioox,

      if that's really the case, then I have to apologize. Then it was a little too fast, but within 2 minutes 19 to 1 kills was already very noticeable, while everyone else had max 6 kills.

      Unfortunately, we cannot reverse the bans. But from tomorrow you can join our server again.

      I just took a second ban today. To believe that Marita does not succeed for me.
      But seriously you give admin access to the first child.
      Someone yells at cheater and you ban direct. Big lol your management.
      Again I am not cheating. I have been playing for many years. I have over 2300 hours of games on BF3 and even more on CSS.
      On the other hand, the M3 is clearly too powerful a weapon ...