Pythetix Cheating

      Pythetix Cheating

      Was on your server and this rank 57 was getting insane kill streaks around the 50 mark every round so I spectated him.

      He had aim assist on and his gun site was snapping from target to target including tanks and planes, to watch it made me sick as it was so jerky snapping from target to target.

      When I confronted him he tried to claim he was legit but he is far from it.

      This is his BFV tracker profile I could not load up the maps to show you what I mean as he is obviously hacking.

      You can check him out as he will be on your server again :(
      Just getting ridiculous, the reason you go on a clan server is to get some sense of protection.

      Was on today, first game 44vot hacking, I counted 4 BAD members plus absent admin, nothing got done.

      "2nd round RRRT clan were team killing tanks in Province so fuck all you could do, nothing got done.

      Love hardcore but the vanilla game seems to have lest issues now than CLAN run servers, it shouldn't be like this

      Really hope that BF6 is groundbreaking in this area, When are they going to resort to PC Hardware Id banns, I would love this

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